Thor 2 Lands a Director. Again.


Alan TaylorAfter losing Patty Jenkins (read the whole sordid details here), Marvel Studios didn’t waste a whole lot of time finding a replacement. The studio has now tapped Alan Taylor to direct their upcoming sequel.

Taylor is known as mostly a TV director, with credits on “Game of Thrones”, “Boardwalk Empire”, “Deadwood”, and “Six Feet Under”. Basically, dude likes directing paid cable shows. He also has a couple of feature films to his credit, the 1995 crime comedy “Palookaville” and 2003’s “Kill the Poor”.

Yes, not exactly the type of resume that would make one a good match for a comic book movie, but then again, neither was Kenneth Branagh, and that worked out.

“Thor 2″ has already been scheduled for a November 15, 2013 release date, with Chris Hemsworth back as the titular superhero. Natalie Portman, if she’s not still too miffed about losing Jenkins as a potential director, would also be back as Jane Foster, Thor’s human crush.

Chris Hemsworth in Thor (2011) Movie Image

Via : Deadline

Author: Nix

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  • Mat

    Hope they use more strong, godlike villians like Surtur and others. They could make Thor do more things at once. Rescue the woman, earth and Asgard.

  • Billy23

    pretty sure they’re going with ronan the acuser

    • Dedpool

      Ronan is a Fantastic Four villain. Surtur, or Executioner, or Ulik would work.

      • Juggernaut

        While Enchantress and Executioner are the most likely of villains for the sequel I’m hoping to see one of my all time favorite groups included, The Wrecking Crew! Have Enchantress invading Earth to kill Jane and claim Thor’s heart. Battle ensues, as it always does, as the Warriors Three, Lady Sif and Thor drive back Skurge and Amora’s attack she casts a spell and takes control of four bystanders. Each man is granted mystical powers and are used as manpower to defeat her Asgardian enemies. Here’s who I’d cast

        Wrecker-Randy Couture (The Expendables, The Scorpion KIng 2)
        Bulldozer-Nathan Jones (Conan The Barbarian, Troy)
        Piledriver-John Cena (12 Rounds, The Marine)
        Thunderball-Omari Hardwick (Kick-Ass, The A-Team)

        • Dedpool

          Well Thor 2 will be more in Asgard than Earth, but I could definitely see that. I personally like the idea But I’d really love to see Surtur, Ulik, or Malekith or someone along those lines.

  • Juggernaut

    I could see the film opening with a huge battle against Surtur on Mutelheim similar to the Frost Giant scene from the THOR. Having Thor being more of a team player, caring for his fellow warriors safety and being a true leader which is the complete opposite of what he was during the Jotenheim scene in the first movie. While the next installment will more than likely spend more time on Asgard there will have to be some scenes on Earth. That is where Thor’s true heart is. A double team by Malekith and Kurse would give the god of thunder a run for his money though!

    • Dedpool

      I could definitely see that opening scene!! Seriously! However then it makes me worreid we’ll have a repeat of what happened in “Thor” where we got our best action in the beginning of the film. So many things they can do.

      • Juggernaut

        The lack of action was the only detractor from the first film. Although, it did give the characters more time to develop. Much like Ironman 2, and most sequels for that matter, I expect more action in this one. That could however not be good. I’m a fan of character driven movies, especially when dealing with these particular characters. Obviously these are “Action” movies and there needs to be that element as well but without a degree of importance and sentiment they will just be blockbuster garbage.

        • Dedpool

          Agreed 100%! But I’m hoping they realized their mistake after IM2 and work to make Thor 2 and Cap 2 better sequels. IM3 is already shaping up to be better.