Thor Continues Reign Over Box Office for 2nd Straight Week

Being the God of Thunder has its privileges. For the second straight week, Marvel Studios’ “Thor” continues its assault on the box office, grabbing another estimated $34.5 million in its second week, giving it $119 million so far in just two weeks of release. Counting overseas box office, “Thor” has now earned $317 million worldwide. Yeah, I think we can safely call Marvel Studios’ first big gamble as its own movie studio a raving success. If “Captain America” does well in a few months, who knows what the studio will be greenlighting for 2013 and beyond?

“Thor” easily beat out two newcomers over the weekend, although the raunchy female comedy “Bridesmaids” held its own, beating out “Fast Five”, now in its third week, for the second spot with $24.4 million. Not bad for a comedy whose biggest name is, er, well, no one, really. With just a $32.5 million budget to recoup, look for the female answer to “The Hangover” to turn a profit quicker than you say ruin a perfectly good wedding with a bad joke about the bride.

The other big studio release, Screen Gems’ “Priest” didn’t do quite as well. The comic book sci-fi/horror movie opened in fourth place with $14.5 million, which, honestly, was still slightly better than I had expected. Still, the film entered this weekend with a $60 million dollar budget, and with “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” next week, and “Kung Fu Panda 2” the week after that, the film will be lucky to hang onto the Top 10 two weeks from now.

The weekend’s notable title is “Fast Five”, which while only earning $19.5 million, has accumulated $168 million in three weeks of release in the States so far, and an impressive $440 million worldwide. No wonder Universal couldn’t greenlit a sixth movie fast enough.