Thor is God of the Box Office with $66 Million Opening Weekend

Can you say, “Thor 2”?

Films don’t open with an estimated $66 million take in its debut weekend and not get the smarty pants at the studios immediately wagging their tongues about a sequel or two. After a strong $25 million on Friday, Kenneth Branagh’s ode to the Norse Gods of Marvel Comics showed off its might over the weekend, and overall, the film has posted just south of $200 million in worldwide box office.

Last week’s champ, “Fast Five”, continues a strong showing with $32 million in its second week, giving it $139 million in two weeks of release so far, and already $251 million worldwide.

Marvel Studios must be licking its chops today, because of all their characters currently invading the big screens, Thor was probably going to be the hardest one to sell in terms of audience familiarity. Captain America, soon to be seen in his own “Captain America: The First Avenger” movie, won’t have that problem. Likewise with “The Avengers” next year. So if Thor, who is a mystery to most non-comic book reading geeks, can clean up like this, what does the future hold for the iconic Captain America and the mega superhero team-up “The Avengers”?

Looks like Odin might be able to afford that second gold eyepatch after this week…