Thor Will Leadeth the Shadow Runners

Chris HemsworthYou know you’re big-time when people in Hollywood aren’t just casting you as the lead in their movies, but they’re actually creating an entire movie around you, for you, from scratch.

Such is the case with “Thor” and “The Avengers” star Chris Hemsworth, who is poised to front his own action movie called “Shadow Runners”. That is, as soon as people get around to writing the script and such. The idea for the movie, though, are all nailed down:

In “Shadow Runners”, Hemsworth would put down his mighty hammer to play “a former Navy SEAL who tries to recapture his potential and repair a rift with an old comrade in arms, as he leads a team of elite international operatives on a mission against a mysterious enemy.”

The film is at Sony Pictures, with Tripp Vinson, Beau Flynn and Will Ward producing. Vinson worked with Hemsworth on the ill-fated “Red Dawn” remake (still waiting to see this thing, after years of delay), while Ward is Hemsworth’s manager. I guess it was pretty easy pitching the project to him, then.

To make it all happen, the boys have brought onboard Chris Cantwell and Chris Rogers to pen the script.

Hemsworth is a busy man. He’s in the mist of shooting “Rush” for Ron Howard and has “Thor 2” due out next year. Plus, he’s the Huntsman in “Snow White and the Huntsman”, which means another globe-trotting junket on his plate. Plus, there’s the matter of that “Avengers 2” on the horizon. But hey, I guess he could squeeze in his very own action movie franchise in-between those, right?

Chris Hemsworth in Thor (2010) Movie Image

Via : Deadline