Thor: Tales of Asgard Trailer Tells, well, Tales of Asgard

Marvel Studios is starting to crank out these animated direct-to-DVD movies. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear they were trying to keep up with their dastardly foes, the blokes at D.C. If that’s the case, they better work faster, because I’m pretty sure (though I haven’t done any official counting) that D.C. has them beat by almost a 3-to-1 margin in terms of releases. Anyways, the latest Marvel title to get the DVD movie treatment is another “Thor” tale (“Hulk vs. Thor” being the first one), this one “Tales of Asgard”, which will, of course, be set in the Thor universe — specifically, the fantastical land of Asgard.

The movie finds a young, reckless Thor going in search of a mythical sword with Loki and some friends. Good times are had by all.

Here’s your first look at the movie’s trailer below.You’re looking at a 2011 release date for “Tales of Asgard”, probably around the same time as Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor” movie.