Thor: The Dark World Adds Richard Brake and Clive Russell to Cast

Russell (left) and Brake (right) join the cast of “Thor: The Dark World.”

Poor Thor. ANOTHER jealous brother to deal with?

Richard Brake and Clive Russell have been added to the cast of “Thor: The Dark World.” A bit of info on who they’ll be playing, via Deadline:

Brake will play a captain in the elite Einherjar, a warrior team that in the mythology fought alongside Thor on numerous occasions. Blake’s [sic] credits include playing Joe Chill, the murderer of Bruce Wayne’s parents, in Christopher Nolan’s 2005 film Batman Begins…Russell will play Tyr, the older brother of Thor and Asgard’s god of war. Unlike Thor’s evil brother Loki, Tyr is a natural son of Odin.

In the comic lore, Tyr was also the protector of Asgard, before Thor took his mantle. Needless to say, Tyr harbors a bit of animosity towards the Mighty Avenger.

I, for one, am very glad to hear that more demigods are on their way.  It sounds like director Alan Taylor is really upping the scope and the ante on this one – TWO jealous brothers, and a former Doctor Who? I’m pleasantly surprised to say that I think this one just beat out “Iron Man 3” as the Marvel movie I’m most excited to see. How about you?

“Thor: The Dark World” hits theaters November 8, 2013.

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