Thor: The Dark World’s Alan Taylor to Helm Terminator Reboot

Alan Taylor and Chris Hemsworth in Thor The Dark World (2013) Movie Image

Or, well, it’s not really a reboot. But it’s not really a sequel to the previous four movies, either. I guess you would call it a sorta/not-really reboot/sequel/something.

In any case, former “Game of Thrones” and currently “Thor: The Dark World’s” director Alan Taylor is said to be in talks to helm a new “Terminator” movie for Skydance Productions, Paramount and Annapurna Pictures. The film is expected to be the first of a “stand-alone trilogy”.

TerminatorGee, remember when Hollywood tried to make one REALLY good movie first, before even thinking about sequels? Now they’re not just thinking about one sequel, they’re already thinking and planning TWO sequels even before the first movie gets made. Progress, I guess?

Whether this new “Terminator” is a reboot or a pseudo sequel or whatever the hell it ends up being, Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to have a role in it. Which makes absolutely no sense. If Schwarzenegger is going to be in this thing, wouldn’t that automatically make it a sequel to the previous four movies? Or are they going to wink and nod at the audience?

I have no earthly idea what the plan is here, but let’s hope that’s not the case for the people calling the shots behind the scenes, too.

Whatever it ends up being, we know one thing for certain: the first “Terminator” is already scheduled to open in June 26, 2015.

Via : Variety