THR Sorta Confirms Abrams and Cruise Working on MI:4

This is interesting. Last week we reported on a TV Guide article that quoted J.J. Abrams as saying that he was currently hatching ideas for another “Mission: Impossible” movie with Tom Cruise, but that nothing had come from it yet. Today, The Hollywood Reporter has written a rather long and rambling article saying essentially the same thing: that Abrams and Cruise were working on an idea, but that nothing was happening yet, though they are looking at a 2011 (or thereabouts) release date.

To be fair, the THR did throw out ideas for the fourth movie, such as having Cruise’s Ethan Hunt go back to working with an ensemble group ala the original TV show (or actually, the first movie). Another idea had Hunt mentoring a new group of younger, prettier agents (played by noobs that the studio could pay way less than Cruise, one presumes).

The THR article also took the time to summarize the box office take of the previous “M:I” movies. That’s, er, something, I guess. But seriously, when did The Hollywood Reporter started doing filler articles? Who do they think they are, some kind of Internet fanboy movie blog? I’m just sayin’.

Below: “What’s next, THR, silly captions for movie images? Well? Answer me, dammit!”