Three Character Clips for Batman: Arkham Asylum Game

Watching the video clip introducing Poison Ivy from the Batman Arkham Asylum game sort of reminded me of Sam Raimi’s first two “Evil Dead” movies, which featured a woman being assaulted by vines in both films. Not saying that’s what’s happening with Poison Ivy here, but you know, the whole plant thing is kinda hot. Of course, the fact that Poison Ivy is barely dressed in the game and is wearing what looks like panties made of leaves is, er, kind of not for the kiddies.

Anyways, three cliips from the upcoming game, including one for Poison Ivy, another for a massively roided up Bane, and the final one for Joker’s squeeze, the mischievous Harley Quinn.

Batman enters Arkham Asylum September 1 when the game is released on the next-gen consoles.

Poison Ivy:

Harley Quinn: