Three Hotties (and Bruce Willis) for Catch .44

They’re like the parallel universe version of “Charlie’s Angels”, where instead of saving people, they sort of kill them. Well, not sort of, that’s actually what they do. See, they’re hitmen! Her, hitwomen.

And not just any ol hitwomen, either, but “three gorgeous female assassins sent on a job that might be their last.” Mind you, they’re not plain, or just mildly attractive, but gorgeous. Kinda hard to blend into the environment for the kill when you stick out like a supermodel, huh? But maybe that’s how the ladies get close to their targets. Who knows the mysterious ways of the gorgeous female assassin.

In any case, “Catch .44” (get it? as .44 caliber?) is from writer/director Aaron Harvey, and has already landed its three female leads, consisting of two former vampires and a superhero: “Twilight Saga’s” Nikki Reed, “True Blood’s” Deborah Ann Woll, and “Watchmen’s” Malin Akerman. The trio of saucy and sexy lasses will star in the film along with Bruce Willis and Forest Whitaker.

It actually sounds a bit like a cross between “Charlie’s Angels” and Corey Yuen’s slick 2002 Hong Kong movie “So Close”.

Production is set to begin on July 8 in Louisiana.