Three Join Horror Remake Quarantined

Yay, it’s another horror movie remake by Hollywood of a foreign movie! At least this time they’re leaving Asia alone, and raiding the Spanish film industry. The latest victim is the Jaume Balagueró-directed Spanish horror film “Rec”, which was itself just made in 2007, making this, quite possibly, the earliest time frame for a remake since, well, ever. The remake, to be called “Quarantined” (I guess “Rec” was too “foreign”) will be directed by John Erick Dowdle and has already roped in three castmembers: Jay Hernandez, Jennifer Carpenter and Columbus Short. They join a cast that already includes Johnathon Schaech and Steve Harris. Dowdle’s only previous directing credit is “The Poughkeepsie Tapes”.

I’m not sure about the plot of the Spanish version, but the American version will follow a reporter and a cameraman as they, and others, are trapped inside an apartment building after a deadly strain of rabies breaks out in the city of Los Angeles. Or as I like to call it, Saturday nights in Hawthorne.

The Spanish version is scheduled for a November 23rd opening in its own native Spain. One expects the studio will buy out the Spanish version and pretend it doesn’t exist until their version is ready for release.