Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon Images and a New Poster

Via Twitchfilm, Chinese site Sina has got some promotional stills and another poster for the upcoming Andy Lau/Maggie Q. epic actioner “Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon”. There might be more than just the images I have below, but since the entire site is in Chinese, and Chinese font looks like asterisk on my computer — well, you know, I give up easily. Previous behind-the-scenes photos from the filming of the movie can be found here and here.

As the title indicates, the film is set in the Three Kingdoms period, immortalized in a classic work of historical fiction. The young Zhao Ziling (Andy Lau) goes to war against Cao Cao, a cunning politician and military strategist. Finally, Cao Cao’s forces are sent into retreat, but the battles between feuding warlords continue for sixty years. Zhao Ziling, now an old man, must finally take to the field against Cao’s warrior grand-daughter, Cao Ying (Maggie Q.).