Three More Clips from the Aborted Wonder Woman TV Show


I’m telling you, if the producers of the David E. Kelley “Wonder Woman” TV show doesn’t put the shot pilot episode on DVD, they’re missing out on collecting some nice bucket of change. Even if you didn’t like the idea of a new version of Wonder Woman, you’re probably very intrigued. After seeing all these clips from the show, I’m even more disappointed they never put the show to series. I mean, my obsession with all things Adrianne Palicki notwithstanding, this looks like it could have been a really good show. And of course, pilots never tell the tale; it always takes a show a year to get its bearings anyway.

Alas, what might have been…

Three more clips from the “Wonder Woman” TV show, starring Adrianne Palicki as the asskickingest Amazonian warrior on TV for your perusal pleasure.

Amazing Grace by geekgirlworld

Willis by geekgirlworld

Footage from failed Wonder Woman TV pilot by kahramanlarsinemada

Author: Nix

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  • Juggernaut

    Man am I glad that was axed! Even the header was crappy. Lol.

  • Dedpool

    Agreed Nix! The curiosity alone would net them some decent cash. Redbox and SciFi could rock it too.

  • Lexavi80

    Wonder Woman killed a guard!

  • justjoe

    Well, it wasn´t THAT BAD. The chase and fight scenes were very well staged and Palicki looked the part but I´m pretty sure Kelley had a reason not to show us the rest of the pilot which is without a doubt filled with annoying charcters, ridiculous situations and wannabe-smartass dialogue.

  • Koschei 1975

    I’ve watched worse…however I see more and more why Network TV would and should keep it’s distance from this series…however, who knows, syndicate, cable…maybe

  • Online72

    Any way for non-FB users to see the videos?

    • Nix

      The Facebook versions were pulled. I re-upped some new versions of the same clips.

  • WW987654

    Not horrible. WW killing a guard? Hmmm? The series had the potential to become better. Best part… Just watching WW in her outfit. Hot!