Three More Images from Kim Dong-Bin’s South Korean Horror Effort Two Moons

If you aren’t already interested in Kim Dong-Bin’s upcoming horror flick “Two Moons”, chances are these new images aren’t going to change your mind. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with them — they just aren’t overly interesting. So why would I bother covering something that isn’t very cool to being with, you ask? Well, I have a soft spot for South Korean horror movies, so I’m curious to see where this one is headed. Plus, Park Han-Byul is badass.

Here’s an unfortunately cryptic synopsis to get you started:

“Two Moons” depicts two women and a man that find themselves in a isolated area without a way out. So-Hee (Park Han-Byul) is a horror story writer who holds a secret. Seok-Ho (Kim Ji-Seok) is a university student who suffers from an an unidentified trauma. He tries to uncover what that trauma is.

“Two Moons”, which also stars Kim Ji-Seok, should open later this year. You can have a look at the other two photos from the flick below. The far more interesting images can be found over at this location. They might be more your speed.

Via : Film Smash