Three More Kick Ass Movie Images

Three new “Kick Ass” images from Matthew Vaughn’s sure to be kick ass comic book movie have shown up online. It’s another look at our teenage hero Kick Ass, plus Nicolas Cage and his sword-swinging little darling girl (darling to us, but not so much to the scumbags she’s slicing up with her sword, one presumes) at home and drinking coffee. Or tea. Well, they’re drinking something and looking very homely. If by “homely” you mean extremely creepy and Bates Motel-esque. The third picture is at a comic book shop. Ah, it brings back memories to my own comic book collecting days, when I would scour those white rectangle boxes for some obscure comic book I had heard had partial nudity in it — er, I mean, those legendary issues of Daredevil. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

New “Kick ass” images via Hitfix.