Three More Regulars for Cinemax’s The Transporter TV Series

Cinemax’s “The Transporter” TV series is moving ahead full-steam, with the two leads already cast, and now, three more regular castmembers have been added, along with a director for the cable show’s pilot episode.

The Live Feed reports that “Lost’s” Stephen Williams will do the honors behind the camera for the show’s pilot episode, while a trio of actors (including one that’s very familiar with the franchise) have been added to the cast.

Most notably, Francois Berleand (below), who played Inspector Tarconi in the “Transporter” movies, will reprise his role on the TV show. He’ll be joined by Delphine Chaneac (last seen as the killer DNA freak in “Splice”) as Olivia, “a reporter who knows a lot about Frank’s work”, and Rachel Skarsten (remember her from the “Birds of Prey” TV show?) as Delia, “the daughter of someone from Frank’s past.”

The trio will join Chris Vance, stepping in for Jason Statham as the TV version of the Transporter, Frank Martin, with Andrea Osvart co-starring as a former CIA operative and Frank’s handler.

For those unfamiliar with “The Transporter” movies, Frank Martin is basically a getaway driver who began his career driving for unsavory types, but he eventually developed a conscience and is now one of the good guys. No idea how the TV show will approach the premise, though I suspect Frank will be a crusader type who uses his car a lot.

Look for the show’s Stateside premiere sometime in 2012.