Three New Images from Looper

Looper (2012) Movie PosterI gotta admit, I wasn’t nearly as impressed by the trailer for Rian Johnson’s “Looper” as I had expected to be. I mean, I really, really wanted it to blow me away. It didn’t, really. Maybe my expectations were just too high for the movie, but the trailer, well, it was okay, I guess.

Anyways, here are three new images from the movie just released by the studio, including a shotgun-packing Emily Blunt. Looks like she’s getting ready for her role as a military supersoldier in “All You Need is Kill”…

“Looper” is set in the year 2042, and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a mob hitman who assassinates targets sent back in time from the future, circa 2072. It’s a nice little gig with some great pay — that is, until one day he receives a new target that looks suspiciously familiar. Cause, you know, it’s him … from the future. Oy, the time travel paradoxes!

Also starring Bruce Willis, Piper Perabo, Garret Dillahunt, Paul Dano, and Jeff Daniels.

The chase begins September 28, 2012.

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Rian Johnson and Joseph Gordon Levitt on the set of Looper (2012) Movie Image

Joseph Gordon Levitt in Looper (2012) Movie Image

Emily Blunt in Looper (2012) Movie Image