Three Posters and a Trailer for Kim Dong-Bin’s Two Moons

Bad things happen when people venture into isolated cabins. My advice: Don’t venture into isolated cabins. Unless, of course, you’re just looking to have a series of increasingly-horrifying events transpire right before your eyes. In which case, grab some friends and knock yourself out. Just be sure to get the whole experience on film — be it digital or otherwise — so someone can find the footage and fashion it into a feature at a later date.

Below you’ll find a trailer for director Kim Dong-Bin’s South Korean horror flick, “Two Moons”, as well as a trio of posters designed to increase your excitement about the picture’s forthcoming release. Truthfully, if you’re not into this sort of supernatural tomfoolery, I doubt this one is going to be something that’s going to interest you. The good news is that it isn’t a found footage movie, which is always something to celebrate.

This is what the film is supposed to be about:

“Two Moons” depicts two women and a man that find themselves in a isolated area without a way out. So-Hee (Park Han-Byul) is a horror story writer who holds a secret. Seok-Ho (Kim Ji-Seok) is a university student who suffers from an an unidentified trauma. He tries to uncover what that trauma is.

“Two Moons” opens in South Korean theaters this July. The first trailer, as well as three spooky posters, have been collected and embedded into the space provided below.

Via : Film Smash