Three Preview Videos for The Walking Dead’s Season 3 Return in 2013

Chandler Riggs in THE WALKING DEAD - Made to Suffer


“The Walking Dead” wrapped up the first half of its Season 3 last night with a slambang, action-packed episode featuring the first of what promises to be many all-out battles between Rick and company and The Governor’s Woodbury residents. Along the way, we were introduced to a major character from the comics that fans have been waiting for since the first season — ex-football player Tyrese, played by Chad Coleman.

(By the way, when I saw Tyrese show up early in the episode, I pretty much knew poor Oscar, the other black guy in the show, was going to bite it. And so he did. I love it when I’m right.)

With it’s Season 3 mid-season finale wrapped, “The Walking Dead” now goes back into hibernation until February 2013, when it returns with the episode “The Suicide King”. Frankly, I don’t know if that refers to Rick (judging by the promos below) or the Governor. Perhaps both? Then why not “The Suicide Kings”?

We shall find out out in 2013. Until then, see a preview for “The Suicide King”, along with a sneak peek clip and a featurette where the cast discusses what awaits their characters.