Three Teasers for the Jean Reno Revenge Thriller L’immortel

After sitting through the first fifteen minutes of “Couples Retreat”, I was beginning to wonder if acclaimed French actor Jean Reno had lost his edge. It’s a wretched movie, one that I honestly couldn’t bring myself to finish. The guy’s incredible when he’s in a picture that allows him to do this thing, but more often than not, he seems to be phoning his performances in front another universe altogether. That’s why I’m glad to see that his latest effort, Richard Berry’s 2010 thriller “L’immortel” (aka “22 Bullets”), allows the gifted actor to dip his toes into darker waters. Reno stars as former mafia tough guy who embarks on a mission to locate the rapscallion who plugged him full of holes. 22 holes, to be exact. The trio of teasers below are worthy of your attention, especially if you have fond memories of the actor’s earlier work.

“L’immortel” is currently set to invade French theaters on March 24th.

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