Ti West And Eli Roth Team Up For The Sacrament

Ti WestTi West may not be a household name, but many horror fanatics know him as a hot up and coming writer/director in the genre. With indie scare fests like “House of the Devil”, “The Innkeepers”, and “V/H/S” under his belt, he has amassed a fair amount of street cred. If “Cabin Fever” and “Hostel” director Eli Roth has his way, West won’t toil in semi-obscurity much longer. Roth has signed on to produce West’s next picture, “The Sacrament”.

Roth said, “We want to make this Ti’s first mainstream movie, without sacrificing the quality and unflinching horror of the subject matter.” As far as content, there isn’t much in his films that would alienate the mainstream. Audiences simply haven’t had the opportunity to experience his films. Thus far in his career, West’s movies have eschewed the explicit gore and bloody violence that marks many of Roth’s directorial efforts. He tends to focus on tone, tension, and atmosphere, a trend that hopefully continues.

West wrote and will helm what is being described as a horror/thriller, though there isn’t much more known about the films. Though the plot is being kept under wraps, production on “The Sacrement” is scheduled to begin late this month in Georgia.

Via : Variety