Tiffany vs. Debbie Gibson

I’m not too proud to admit my love for SyFy’s recent string of ridiculous schlock science fiction/action movies. Sometimes it’s like they know what I’m thinking. Who else would have the balls to call something “Mongolian Death Worm”? Seriously, I’m just glad that Lorenzo Lamas still finds work that isn’t reality show based. And what would aging 80’s teen pop sensations to fill their days without films like “Mega Piranha” and “Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus”? (I’m a big proponent of film titles that involve words like “Mega”, “Super”, and “Giant”, and I would really like to see someone climb aboard the “Ultra” train and take that for a spin.)

A while ago SyFy announced that Tiffany (yes, that Tiffany) and Debbie (sorry, she’ll always be “Debbie” to me, no matter what she says) Gibson signed to star in something called “Mega Python vs. Gatoroid”. Despite the fact that no one is quite sure what a “Gatoroid” is, though I’m excited to find out, the network was quick to point out that the movie will involve an all out brawl between the pair of one-time pop princesses. This development has led to a lot more anticipation than might otherwise be expected from a project of this stature.

Now SyFy has released some rough footage of the fight, and all I can say is, thank you. It made my day, and to be honest, made this week of jury duty a little bit brighter. And these ladies are not fucking around. Watch this, it’s like the Roddy Piper/Keith David fight from “They Live”, it just keeps on going.