Tim Burton Directing Depp in Dark Shadows?

It was announced almost a year ago that Johnny Depp had plans to revive Barnabas Collins and the vampire gang from “Dark Shadows” as a major motion picture, with Depp possibly starring in the lead. Since then, no one has heard a whole lot about the movie, until now. According to IESB, while talking with “Get Smart” director Peter Segal, the director let slip that writer John August was currently doing two projects at the moment — Segal’s “Shazam” movie and “Dark Shadows”. But wait, that’s not all. Segal didn’t just say August was writing “Dark Shadows”, he mentioned that August was writing Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows”.

Head over to IESB if you want to read more.

So the possibility is there — Tim Burton and Johnny Depp may possibly be re-teaming once again for a big-screen “Dark Shadows” movie. This would make their fourth movie together in as many years, including “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”, “The Corpses Bride”, and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Also, John August, who wrote Burton’s “Big Fish” and “The Corpses Bride”, is currently doing the scripting duties on the big-screen adaptation as we speak.

Of course, this is just what one site has said, and what one director has let slip out. Will the studio come out with a denial, as they did with the “Spider-Man 4” casting rumors, post-haste? We shall see.

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