Tim Burton Eschews 3D for Dark Shadows. For Now.

Tim Burton’s use of 3D in “Alice in Wonderland” helped that film earn a billion dollars at the box office, which sort of reminds you why studios insist on doing every little movie in 3D nowadays. Them’s huge spending money! So logically, Burton’s next movie “Dark Shadows” will be in 3D, too, right? Nope.

In a long interview with The Wrap, the subject of 3D finally comes up at the very end, when Burton is asked whether “Dark Shadows” will be in 3D. His response:

I have no plans for that. I loved doing “Alice” in 3D. “Freankeweenie,” gonna do that in 3D. There’s people like, “Everything’s gonna be in 3D,” or “I hate 3D!” I think people should have a choice. I don’t think it should be forced on anybody. At the same time, it’s great, some of it. It’s like “Yes or no!? 3D! Yes or no?!” It’s like, well, you know, come on, whatever, some yes, some no.

The operative word here is “no plans for that”. Michael Bay didn’t have any plans for 3D in “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”, too, but he eventually changed his mind. Again, “Alice in Wonderland” in 3D made a billion dollars. How many studio suits are constantly nagging Burton about going 3D with “Dark Shadows”? Probably about once every hour for every day until the film actually starts production.

Burton’s “Dark Shadows” will star Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Chloe Moretz, Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jackie Earle Haley, Jonny Lee Miller, Thomas McDonell, Bella Heathcote, and is due out in 2012.