Tim Miller Signs up for Contained Space Thriller Artemis

Astronaut in Space

I don’t know what kind of demo reel Tim Miller’s people have circulating around Hollywood, but the dude is still picking up film projects left and right — and all of this while still not having directed a single movie. But hey, that’s Hollywood for ya. Get the right people to sell you, and all the studios come calling. All you really need is one studio to start the ball rolling and suddenly everyone wants in on it.

Dealing in Futures by Joe HaldemanAfter attaching himself as director on “Deadpool”, before becoming attached to another comic book movie called “Gravel”, and just for good measure, taking on a movie based on the Joe Haldeman novella “Seasons”, Tim Miller has now added a second sci-fi project called “Artemis” to his plate.

“Artemis” is from 20th Century Fox, with Andrew Lobel scripting and John Davis doing producing duties.

Described as “a contained action thriller set in outer space”, it makes me wonder if “Artemis” is actually that movie based on Haldeman’s “Seasons”. It seems a bit weird to add a second sci-fi movie when you’ve just attached yourself to another sci-fi movie only months ago. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

So what exactly does a “contained action thriller” mean? It’s sci-fi, set in space, and probably takes place on a ship, or a similar “contained” location. Or maybe it’s a guy floating in space while wearing a space suit like the pic above. Who knows.

As for that “Deadpool” movie, I think it’s safe to say that Miller will never end up directing. I wouldn’t cry for “Deadpool”, though — I have yet to see anything from Miller to indicate that this is a big loss. As long as Ryan Reynolds still wants to get “Deadpool” made, it still lives. Which means, yes, pray that Reynolds’ movie star status continues to rise high enough he can get an R-Rated “Deadpool” rolling, cause that’s what it’s gonna take.

Via : Variety