Tim Robbins, Hawkeye, and Black Widow in Iron Man 2

See, here’s the difference between a magazine throwing out superhero movie rumors *cough*British rags*cough* and a site like LatinoReview. You can actually trust the latter, but not so much the former. Having said that, here’s the latest rumor/news from LR, which has Tim Robbins hopping onboard “Iron Man 2” to play Howard Stark, father to Tony, the film’s Iron Man. The senior Stark will be featured in an “important flashback sequence” that will have implications for the upcoming “Avengers” movie.

But wait, that’s not all! Also making appearances in the Jon Favreau sequel are comic book characters The Black Widow and Hawkeye. And it just won’t be blink-and-you’ll-miss cameos, too, these will be honest to goodness appearances. Or at least, that’s the juicy rumor of the day.

LR says as such:

Tim Robbins is going to be playing Howard Stark in an important flashback sequence that is going to set up the Avengers and Captain America films. Jon [Favreau] wanted to get a good actor because he didn’t think the guy who played Howard in the last film could carry such an important scene.

I’m also told that HAWKEYE and BLACK WIDOW are definitely in Iron Man 2 and they wont be cameos either.

LR doesn’t credit a source, so that means it’s an “industry insider”. But since LR has been pretty much dead-on correct most of their superhero movie casting “rumors” in the past, I’m inclined to believe them. Or at least, not think they just pulled it out of their ass like certain “magazines” from Across the Pond.

For my money, Favreau and company should go with the Ultimate versions of Hawkeye and Black Widow (below). And No, I’m not talking about the Jeph Loeb “revamping” of Hawkeye, either. Holy God, what a piece of shit that series turned out to be.

And oh yeah, Tim Robbins as Iron Man’s daddy. Eh, I guess that’s cool, too.

Below: The Ultimate versions of Hawkeye and Black Widow likes to get to the point post haste.