Tim Robbins is the Bad Guy’s Dad in Green Lantern

Wow, so Tim Robbins is playing dad characters in movies now, huh? And we’re not talking about toddlers or little cute tykes here, we’re talking about grown men. Sheesh, is Tim Robbins that old? Am I that old? Damn. Anyways, apparently Tim Robbins is now old enough to get cast in Martin Campbell’s “Green Lantern” as the father of the film’s human villain, Dr. Hector Hammond, to be played by Peter Sarsgaard. In the movie, the younger Hammond is infused with psychic powers with which he uses to challenge the hero’s mighty space ring, presumably while the older, Senator Hammond looks on disapprovingly.

Ryan Reynolds will play Hal Jordan aka the Green Lantern, while “Gossip Girl” Blake Lively is his very leggy love interest, Carol Ferris.

Shooting on the epic sci-fi comic book movie starts March start in New Orleans.

Yes, I know this article is mainly about Tim Robbins. Seriously, are you complaining?