Time Travel Can be a Killer Trip in the New Sci-Fi Thriller 11 AM

11 AM (2013) Movie Poster

I love me a good ol fashioned time-travel mystery/thriller. Throw in a race-against-the-clock type scenario (such as trying not to get murdered) and I’m there with bells on. Ask anyone. Go ahead, ask. I’ll still be here when you get back. Okay, you back?

Check out a new English-subtitled teaser trailer for director Kim Hyeon-seok’s “11 AM”. The teaser is only a minute long and is a bit baffling, but this little helpful synopsis should fill you in on what the teaser doesn’t:

In the not-so distant future, researchers at a deep-sea laboratory have finally succeeded in inventing a time machine. Heavily burdened by financial stress, the head-researcher Woo-Seok is promised more funding from a mega-corporation, if he successfully completes a test flight. Ji-wan tries to stop his colleague and lover, Young-Eun from going on the dangerous flight, but Woo-Seok and Young-eun carry out the mission and travel to 11A.M. the next day. They arrive at the planned time only to find out the base on the verge of collapse. All the researchers are gone and someone is out to kill them. Woo-Seok begins the tedious process of piecing together what happened in the 24 hours….

Sounds pretty good, right? Time travel! Mystery! A killer on the loose! What’s going to happen next? Aaaaaaarghhhhhhh. Ahem.

The film stars Jeong Jae-yeong, Kim Ok-bin, and Daniel Choi.

South Korea gets it later next month.

11 AM (2013) Movie Poster