Timecop Remake In the Works

Timecop (1994) Movie PosterAccording to the guys over at Hollywood North Report, the Powers That Be are currently prepping a remake of the 1994 Jean-Claude Van Damme science fiction/action movie “Timecop”. Now you may not think that a movie made just 13 years ago is a prime candidate for a remake, but then again, you haven’t been living in Hollywood for very long. In Hollywood, anything is fair game for a remake, and yes, that includes your grandma’s slippers. The people trying to get this made are the guys over at Dark Horse Entertainment and Universal Studios. The original starred Van Damme as a, well, time cop who enforces the breaking of laws using time travel devices, which is possible in the film’s near-future of (chortle) 2004.

There was actually a 2003 sequel starring Jason Scott Lee which I quite liked, but then again, I like pretty much anything with Jason Scott Lee in it, so maybe that’s not saying much. Also, there was a short-lived ABC TV series based on the movie.

Anyways, I don’t know why they don’t just continue making “Timecop” sequels instead of going back and rebooting the franchise. Seriously, guys, it’s only been 13 friggin years for Christ sake.

Anyhoo, IESB has more on the proposed remake:

So while talking on the red carpet with the creator of the Timecop franchise, Mike Richardson, he was surprisingly open about talking about his future plans. He said he is talking to Universal about bringing the property back to the big screen even admitting that there has been some talk about bringing certain “talent” to become the next Time Enforcement Agent. While I am not a liberty to say which actor is circling the role, I can tell you that he is 100% bad ass and one of the coolest action stars of today, sorry guys Van Damme is not coming back.

Eh, Hollywood, what’re you gonna do?

Jean-Claude Van Damme in Timecop (1994) Movie Image