Timothy Olyphant as Snake Plissken in Escape from New York Remake?

If the remake’s current director Breck Eisner has his way, then yeah. But that’s the operative word, isn’t it? “Current director”. Who knows if Eisner will still be attached in another year, after which case, will Timothy Olyphant still be considered for Snake Plissken? It would be a damn shame if that happened, but that’s Hollywood for ya.

Speaking to MovieWeb, Eisner, who directed Olyphant in the remake of “The Crazies”, thinks Olyphant would make a great Snake.

I love working with Timothy Olyphant, and I will be working with him again. He is an amazing actor. A talented guy…

We have not yet discussed internally within the studio who will play Snake Plissken. There are many factors that go into those discussions. First and foremost, obviously, is the creative one. We can’t make the movie unless we get the perfect Snake Plissken, and that’s a tall order. There are very few guys that could do it. He would definitely be one of the guys who could. There is no question about that.

Sounds like he’ll be pushing for Olyphant to slip on the eyepatch for an “Escape to New York” remake.

Meanwhile, Eisner also talked about a possible “The Crazies” sequel, which he doesn’t see himself directing. The film, a remake of George Romero’s film of the same name, didn’t exactly light the box office on fire earlier this year, but it was made on a moderate $20 million budget, and has grossed $50 million so far. In Hollywood, that translates into very possible sequel.

“The Crazies” left plenty of room for a sequel, too, and in fact, it begs for one. Even if Olyphant or Radha Mitchell don’t come back, there’s an apocalyptic storyline there just waiting to be told. One that doesn’t need a big budget, to boot.

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