Timothy Olyphant vs. Romero’s Crazies

Breck Eisner’s remake of George Romero’s ’70s horror flick “The Crazies” has landed its leading man in former Deadwood star and Die Hard villain Timothy Olyphant, who according to the trades, has signed on to play a sheriff in the flick. The movie concerns a small town that becomes contaminated when a plane carrying a secret biological weapon (are there ever any other kind?) crashes into their backyard and contaminates the water, turning the townspeople into the crazies of the title. One presumes the Army then shows up to try to “contain” the chaos by, most likely, doing what all U.S. army personnel usually do in movies about raving lunatics with zombie-like qualities, try to kill everyone in town, nuke them from orbit, or some such. You know, predictable Hollywood stuff.

Via THR:

The story revolves around the inhabitants of a small Kansas town who are beset by death and insanity after a plane crash lets loose a secret biological weapon into the water supply. Olyphant is playing the town’s sheriff.

Scott Kosar and Ray Wright wrote the screenplay.

Michael Aguilar and Dean Georgaris are producing, with Romero executive producing. Overture’s Sean Furst is overseeing for the studio.

Sheriffing isn’t a new occupation for Olyphant, who worked the right side of the law in the HBO series Deadwood for a couple of years. He then turned over a new leaf and became a bad guy in the most recent “Die Hard” movie, “Live Free or Die Hard”.

Below: Violent saloon owners, an unstoppable New York Cop, and now crazies? It’s enough to make a man lose his hair.