Timur Bekmambetov: Dusk Watch on Hold


I have zero investment in the possibility that Timur Bekmambetov’s upcoming “Wanted” with Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy will be anything other than a mindless popcorn action movie, but for a while there, I did think the man had plenty of talent to spare, and was very interested in what he would do next. I am talking about, of course, 2004’s “Night Watch”, the Russian director’s breakthrough sci-fi/fantasy/horror film, and my introduction to him.

That film was supposed to be the first of a trilogy based on the novel “The Twilight Watch” by Sergei Lukyanenko. After doing the sequel, “Day Watch”, Bekmambetov has instead announced that there will be no third installment, aka “Dusk Watch” (also known as “Twilight Watch”), for the moment.

The folks at Row Three quotes the director as saying this at the recent New York Comic-Con:

“[Wanted] is my Dusk Watch for now,” the director said during the panel, “because it’s really the same chance, a different story, but the same genre. Unfortunately I don’t know when Dusk Watch will happen… Let’s say this is Dusk Watch.”

My guess? If “Wanted” is a hit and Bekmambetov’s Hollywood career takes off, “Dusk Watch” will be on hold for a long time. If his career fizzles, he’ll probably head back to Russia to do the third installment. There’s nothing like “going home” when Hollywood turns its back on you. Just ask John Woo, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, etc.

Dusk Watch Movie

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  • Emma79s

    this is so bad coz i have both movies on this saying there might not be third and say that wanted will be that hell no i so want to see dusk watch made coz i would love to see the same affects and more in that than wanted just not the same need to be the all the same cast and all

  • Yulia

    I really liked the movies, but sadly, they don’t go along with the books at all. Day Watch the movie was actually the second part of the first book. I wonder how they would make a third movie due to the ending of Day Watch… That seemed like an ending to me…

  • Night watch

    I cannot wait to buy the dusk watch HDDVD


    reed the book dusk wach GREEEEEAT

  • Kiddus_i2003

    Nothing like leaving us hanging, hope he makes it soon, I’m getting every day.

  • Shiloh Kleinschmit

    It’s 2013,and I’m still waiting,…sigh,..

    • jose garrido

      you and me and is 2014