TJ Miller Cast as Ranger Jones Thanks to Bizarre Audition

tj-millerYogi Bear has to be Stephen Colbert’s least favorite cartoon of all time. He loathes bears, so he might just call TJ Miller an international hero for actually auditioning with a real one. It might sound dangerous reading with a bear, but it’s no worse than spending three minutes reading opposite of Christian Bale. Just keep the bear well-fed with marshmallows, apparently (I had no idea that they like marshmallows).

The Apiary reports that this improvised audition helped to earn Miller the role of Ranger Jones in the upcoming live action/CG hybrid Yogi Bear after Warner Bros. chairman Barry M. Meyer saw it. He had already auditioned for the role twice and made the reel with filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts as a bit of a joke. The joke was well-taken. Miller is perhaps best known for the role of Hudson Platt in Cloverfield. As of last Friday, he left for New Zealand in order to begin shooting. He looks a little young to play the part, but if he pacify and befriend a real bear, then he can handle a computerized one too. It’s kind of like saying that if he can handle a wrench, then he can handle a ball.