TMNT Fan Film Looks Pretty Good

Someone, probably a big fan of the franchise, took the time to create a short fan film and put it on YouTube. The video doesn’t have any credits, and a link just takes you to a website that just has the video and an email, twitter, and facebook links. The short film itself looks good, though I think the turtle is a bit clunky, but that could just be because of the costume the actor had to wear. Still, very decent and it might give you an idea of what a TMNT rebooted live-action movie could possibly look like if they decided to go all grim and gritty with it.

Thanks to Oldin for the heads up.

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  • Evilloin

    Decent… Live action, yea.

  • Evilloin

    Decent… Live action, yea.

  • Dedpool

    Can’t see it here and can’t find on Youtube. Can someone put up the address or what it’s listed under on youtube.

    • Nix
      • Dedpool

        Thanks. it’s decent for a fan made film. Something is off about Raphael though, I think it’s the mask coming down to a point. The “abs” on the shell look was a little off too, reminded me of Saban’s horrid take on the Turtles, “The Next Mutation.” I definitely liked the tone, but the gas masks are killing me for Foot Soldiers. A normal gang sure, but not the Foot. They should be treated like the ninja in “Ninja Assassin,” shadowy, dark, numerous and dangerous as hell.

        • super-ramen

          i thought the foot soldiers’ hick accent was a bit off putting as well….

  • Teru Kei

    Better than TMNT 3 for sure!