TNT Renews Closer, Rizzoli and Isles, and Leverage for New Seasons

TNT loves its cops and robbers shows, especially if the coppers are attractive women who really look good in designer clothes, which just happens to be the case with two of the three shows the cable network has renewed for new seasons. Up first, TNT’s long-running “The Closer” will get a seventh season. The show stars Mrs. Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick as a sweets-lovin’, no-shit taking Southern belle who solves crimes in Los Angeles. I honestly can’t believe this show has been around for six years (going on its seventh) already. Wow.

The network has also greenlit a fourth season of their caper show “Leverage”, which has actually improved in numbers since moving to Sunday nights. Usually, a show getting a new time slot is akin to getting buried by the network (see NBC and “Persons Unknown”). Turns out, the movie was a great idea for the show, since what the heck is on on Sundays anyway without football season in full swing? Or at least, Sundays used to be “dead time” for me in terms of TV watching. The show stars Timothy Hutton as a former “good guy” who now leads a band of “bad guys” (though not really) to right wrongs and help those who need their services.

TNT has also renewed its fledgling “Rizzoli and Isles” (below) for a second season. The show has barely gotten out of the gate in its first season, but is already proving to be a ratings winner for the cable net. Angie Harmon stars in the Boston-set crime show as Rizzoli, a tough cop with a wacky family, while former “NCIS” star Sasha Alexander is Isles, a brilliant medical examiner who is sorta like House, if House was a chick who likes expensive clothes and wasn’t a big jerk face all the time.