TNT Renews Leverage for Season 3

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TNT’s Leverage isn’t exactly the best show on TV, but there are moments where it’s really, really fun. Although I have to admit, lately the show’s last-minute twists have become somewhat, well, questionable, like the writers just made them up on the spot at the, well, last-minute. But hey, it’s cable TV, I guess it could be worst. It could be, you know, a dramatic version of Two and a Half Men, for instance. (Dear God, that’s a bad show.) All that is to say that TNT is feeling mighty optimistic about Leverage, and has ordered a full third season of the con show, according to THR.

For those who have never seen it, the show stars Timothy Hutton as a former insurance investigator who, after the death of his son and break-up of his marriage, becomes the mastermind of a group of thieves that he once chased. (It’s actually a bit more complicated than that, but that’s basically the gist of the show’s first season.) Together, they do odd jobs for people in need, always trying to get some justice from an uncaring world. Basically, they’re like The A-Team, minus a big black guy and a van. Okay, there is a van, and there is a black guy, but only one of them hits people, and he doesn’t use guns. So actually it’s not all that much like the A-Team.

It’s actually a pretty good show for the most part, though as mentioned, it has gotten a little sloppy lately with the last-minute twists and whatnot. The show mostly skates on its humor and great character interactions, as well as their disparate personalities. Hutton is really good as the mastermind, and there are enough variations in the various con jobs that they hatch to make DVRing the new episodes worthwhile.

Plus, Beth Riesgraf as Parker (below) is kinda cute. Okay, really, really cute.

How do I know Parker is a thief? Because she stole my heart at first sight. Yes, that works with girls. Try it.

How do I know Parker is a thief? Because she stole my heart at first sight. Yes, that works with girls. Try it.

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