TNT’s Undercover Cop Show Dark Blue Darkens its Undercover Van For Good

I liked TNT’s “Dark Blue”, but I kind of knew the end was near when they needlessly introduced Tricia Helfer’s tough-talking FBI agent in the second season and wrote that Godawful generic dialogue for her where she sarcastically asks the male lead (played by Dylan McDermott) if he wants to compare “sizes”. I mean, seriously? That’s the best they could come up with? I cringed everytime I saw that line in the Season 2 promo (below).

Unfortunately, the rest of the season was just, eh, not great, usually whenever Helfer’s FBI angle got involved. The show should really have been about a small group of outlaw cops doing whatever it took to get the job done, but I guess that wasn’t “hot” enough. Whatever, apparently even adding extra doses of hotness didn’t help the show survive, because TNT has officially canceled “Dark Blue” after two seasons.

Oh well, there’s always Jada Pinkett Smith’s “Hawthorne”. People actually watch that, right? Cause it’s still on for some reason…