Tobey Maguire Gives us his Thoughts on the Spidey 4 Hullabaloo

In this article, you’re going to read about Tobey Maguire’s thoughts on the current mess that is Sam Raimi and Sony’s “Spider-Man 4”, but the one thing I got out of it? Tobey Maguire is friggin 34-years old. WOW. Was “Spider-Man” really that long ago? 2002, as I recall, only a scant 8 years ago. The Spidey movies have always been pretty good at keeping the whole “aging” thing out of their universe, but I gotta say, maybe, just maybe, it’s time to retire Maguire and bring in a younger Peter Parker? If not that, then at least properly age him (or acknowledge the passing of time) in the movies? I’m just saying.

In any case, here are Maguire’s thoughts on the current Spidey problems:

“Like anything, it’s a process. We’re just in the midst of the process. We have a lot of great stuff in terms of story and script. We’re just trying to dial it in and get it ready as quickly as possible. Of course, these movies are a very big undertaking and take a lot more time than a drama or something more straightforward.

“Not only do I have specific ideas, but the ideas are evolving on the page. It’s all happening right now. It’s all sort of coming together. It’s very exciting to me. I think the evolution of the character is really exciting, to be rooted in the history of what we’ve done already and to have a continuity, yet have a progression or evolution.”

Apparently Tobey has not heard that there is no script, or at least, not one that the studio and Sam Raimi can agree on, which basically translates into no script.

In any case, I can understand why Maguire is coming back, just as I can understand why Dunst and Raimi are also coming back. This is their cash cow, their “can’t miss”. Maguire has always been excellent in mixing up his projects between the business (big-budget Hollywood films) with the artistic (small independent movies), but let’s face it, you could combine every single one of his movies where he’s the main selling point and they wouldn’t surpass one of his “Spider-Man” films in box office glory.

Yeah, there’s a reason everyone wants this thing to get made, but with a star who is pushing 35, a director who seems to be out of creative juice (Really, Sam? The Vulture?), and a studio looking for an easy sure-thing, those are all ingredients for a lackluster movie. But hey, maybe they’ll surprise us and turn in another “Spider-Man 2”. It could happen.

Okay, Sony and Sam Raimi, make up and let's get this movie made or ELSE!