Tobey Maguire’s Possible Spidey Replacements are…

I think it’s almost a sure bet now that Tobey Maguire has no interest in coming back as Peter Parker in the “Spider-Man” films. I don’t think age has anything to do with it, either; Maguire can play young, and Spider-Man is what, college age in the movies? To be honest, why would he keep playing the same character when he has so many options right now? (Hint: “Robotech”) Also, keep in mind that these Spidey movies take years to do, years that Maguire may think his career could be better spent on something else, something more “important” than, well, yet another comic book movie sequel. So, with Maguire more than likely gone from the franchise, Sony is going to need a replacement.

So who? Um, how about Patrick Fugit and Michael Angarano?

Wait, what? Who are Patrick Fugit and Michael Angarano?

Well, Angarano you’ll probably recognize as the American kid in the recent Jet Li-Jackie Chan movie “The Forbidden Kingdom”, but Fugit is a total unknown to me.

The boys at Latino Review have more news on Tobey’s possible replacements. Much props to Latino Review, who are nabbing scoops left and right (they told everyone first about Jake Gyllenhaal suiting up as the Prince of Persia, even before the trades got wind). Here’s what they had to say:

Laura Ziskin and Grant Curtis are tossing names around. NO OFFERS HAVE BEEN YET. That being said, the name at the top of their list to replace Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spiderman is…




So there you go. At the moment, these are the only two actors Sony is looking at for Tobey Maguire’s replacement, and yeah, it’s a pretty good bet (as in 100%) that either one would say Yes in a heartbeat if the role is eventually offered.

I have to admit, in the photo below of Fugit (on the left), the kid is a dead ringer for Maguire. His credits include “Saved!”, “Almost Famous”, and “Spun”.

On the other hand, Angarano (on the right) is younger (21 to Fugit’s 26), so he could potentially stay on longer with the role, and he’s new enough that Sony wouldn’t have to worry about him jumping ship after his first Spidey flick. Plus, Angarano has already shown in “The Forbidden Kingdom” that he can do athleticism with the best of them.

What do you think? Are either Patrick Fugit and Michael Angarano good enough to replace Maguire? And if not them, then who?

Update: 5/29/08

Sony has been emailing movie sites and telling them that this possible casting rumor is untrue. Which probably means it is. Why even bother going to such lengths to debunk the casting rumor, and so quickly, if there wasn’t any truth behind it?

patrick Fugit and Michael Angarano for Spider-Man