Todd McFarlane Talks Crazy About Spawn 2

I’d like to give Todd McFarlane the benefit of the doubt; after all, he was one of the original founders of Image Comics, and without a doubt one of the more innovative artists to ever work in the comic book field. He’s kind of like Frank Miller, minus the creative genius part. But man, can he draw or what? So when Todd McFarlane started making noise about not only doing a “Spawn 2”, but doing it on his own dime, and in his own way, you had to think, “Yeah, okay, maybe it’ll work.” Then came this interview with MTV, where Todd goes a little bit bonkers with the “idea” stuff.

First of all, Todd’s idea is that Spawn will barely be seen in the movie, and that it would be more about other, ordinary people who comes into contact with him. Spawn, basically, would become a bogeyman of sorts, who will show up only occasionally to do bad things to bad people. Or something to that effect.

The story that I have in my head is as real as possible, but there’s this one element that just isn’t real. But everything else … you could be watching “L.A. Confidential” or “The Godfather” and you just put this little boogeyman in it “” a moving shadow “” and how does that change those movies, given everything else is real in [them]?

So there’s not going to be any villains or bad guys, there’s not going to be any of that. It’s just going to be this one odd thing in the middle of a very real movie. I’m not trying to do a comic book movie; I don’t have that much money. So I need to do a movie where people just go, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, cool.” And all of a sudden now and then, something happens and you go, “What the hell was that?”

He goes on, and it just sounds…not too good. Maybe Todd has it all figured out and can get it done on a budget with what he has in mind, but I don’t know. Plus, Todd has mentioned that he plans to write and direct this “reboot” of the franchise, too, which has me worried.

But hey, nobody thought Todd and company could break ranks from Marvel and make Image Comics work, and they did, so who knows…?