Todd McFarlane Tweets Spawn Sequel Updates

According to Todd McFarlane, he’s officially started work on a screenplay for a new movie starring his “Spawn” character, based on a story idea he’s had worming around in his mind for the last 7 or 8 years, which is a pretty long time to have something worming in one’s mind, let me tell you. McFarlane, thanks to the power of Twitter, wanted fans to know that this won’t be a sequel or continuation of the craptacular 1997 movie, but will instead be a standalone film that, hopefully, will make people forget John Leguizamo as a wise-cracking bloated clown. One can only hope.

Tweets McFarlane:

– I’ve officially begun writing the SPAWN MOVIE screenplay. The story has been in my head for 7 or 8 years. Will continue to update.

– The movie idea is neither a recap or continuation. It is a stand alone story that will be R-rated. Creepy and scary.

– Yes, the tone of this SPAWN movie will be for a more older audience. Like the film DEPARTED.

The idea behind the new “Spawn” movie isn’t new, McFarlane has been talking about this “Departed”-ish influence since 2007, so fans already knew what to expect. In essence, Spawn will play a background role in his own movie, which will instead focus on a couple of cops investigating a series of Spawn-related rumors.

In any case, I’m not sure why it’s taking McFarlane so long to make his “Spawn” movie. He owns the rights, and he’s rich enough that he could finance his own movie. Of course, unless he doesn’t have complete faith in it, which makes you wonder.

Anyways, there are still some Spawn fans out there, right?

The stars of Spawn 2 ... a couple of cops without cool, floating capes? The horror.

The stars of Spawn 2 ... a couple of cops without cool, floating capes? The horror.