Todd Rigney’s Top 10 Flicks of 2010

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I’m well aware that I have exceedingly strange and shallow taste in movies, which is why I’ve decided to preface my article with this statement: You probably aren’t going to agree with a lot of the pictures that have managed to worm their way onto this list. So before you feel the need to leave disparaging remarks aimed at knocking my ego down a few notches, rest assured that I’ve already come to terms with my shortcomings and have moved on. That having been said, here are the movies I found to be particularly enjoyable during the year of 2010.

In no particular order, of course.

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Author: Todd Rigney

Todd was raised on a steady diet of Hollywood blockbusters, late-night Cinemax programming, and USA’s “Up All Night,” which may explain why his taste in movies is more than a little questionable. When he isn’t providing news and reviews for Beyond Hollywood, he can be found lounging lazily on his couch, perched in front of his television, or dwelling in places where direct sunlight can be easily avoided. He's happily married, in his 30's, and totally badass. If you'd like to reach Todd, you can follow him on Twitter or send him email/scoops to todd (at)
  • Dale (drunken_hopfrog)

    I really like some of these choices! Except MACHETE. That movie was an orgy of mess, IMO.

  • Doubleh55

    Machete was great until the last action sequences and then it was just some of the worst directed action ever.

  • Dedpool

    Couldnt really comment on the last top 10 list as I hadn’t seen most of the films, but I definitely have seen a decent amount of these. Good list.

  • Arthur

    My favorites of 2010 are Monsters, Kaiji: Gambling Apocalypse, Mother, Machete, Salt, The Stool Pigeon, Devil, Dream House. Still have to watch: Ong Bak 3, Merantau, Tomorrow When The War Began, The Child’s Eye, Inception, Aftershock, Robin Hood, Reign Of Assassins. Looking forward to Battle: Los Angeles, The Troll Hunter, Transformers 3, Super 8, The Host 2.