Todd’s Top 10 Movies You May Have Missed In 2011

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Beach Spike
I’m sure a lot of you are rolling your eyes right about now, but I honestly don’t give two healthy American bowel movements. The movie is a massive amount of fun, from its cornball romantic subplots to its admittedly cheesy fight sequences. And while you may think that I’m cutting the film some slack because of all the attractive women on-display, you’d be wrong. Well, mostly wrong. I’ll admit that the scenery does make the cheese taste a little better, but it’s really just an added bonus. Cinematic confection at its finest.

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Author: Todd Rigney

Todd was raised on a steady diet of Hollywood blockbusters, late-night Cinemax programming, and USA’s “Up All Night,” which may explain why his taste in movies is more than a little questionable. When he isn’t providing news and reviews for Beyond Hollywood, he can be found lounging lazily on his couch, perched in front of his television, or dwelling in places where direct sunlight can be easily avoided. He's happily married, in his 30's, and totally badass. If you'd like to reach Todd, you can follow him on Twitter or send him email/scoops to todd (at)
  • Dedpool

    “Attack the Block” was sick!!! Best alien invasion movie I’ve seen in years, and original too. “Devil’s Double” is just insane but lots of fun in a dark messed up way.

  • clarkspark

    Theres at least 4-5 movies here that I’m interested in seeing. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Tin Hoang

    Beach Spike…really?

  • Brent McKnight

    Great list. Love the ones I’ve seen, now I need to see the rest.

  • Vineland

    “The Woman” was one of my favourite movies this year and I’m glad to see it up the list. Me and my gal absolutely loved watching that movie. Pedro Almodóvar’s “The Skin I Live In” was really creepy and I recommend it to any one who hasn’t seen it. I live near where “Attack The Block” was filmed so I need to see that as well as the rest of the films. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad to see The Road up there. I loved that movie to bits. The cinematography is phenomenal, it feels like it’s not of this world and the pacing which felt unusual at first, turned out to be it’s lucky charm. You’ll understand as the story unfolds. I don’t know if it was just me also but I think the movie gives the viewers a unique scare. It’s not just about the freaky apparitions but what happened or what will happen with the situation, like that one scene with the glass of water. But mind you it’s still fuckin scary when the ghosts shows up. It seamlessly blends in two genres. If you like A Tale of Two Sisters, you’d love this.

  • David Lee Pickton

    The Warrior must deserve a mention