Tokyo Shock Brings Kim Dong-Bin’s Red Eye to the States

Please do not confuse this enjoyable 2005 horror flick with the dreadful Wes Craven thriller of the same name. They are different in so many ways. For instance, director Kim Dong-Bin’s “Red Eye” is an entertaining and frequently spooky ghost story, while Craven’s offering is an entirely dull and truly uninspired affair. They may share monikers, but they couldn’t be more different. Drastically different. Really freaking different. Anyway, the folks over at Tokyo Shock are bringing this underrated little gem to DVD later this summer. If you’re still into buying DVDs, maybe you should pick up a copy.

Anyway, here’s a synopsis:

It’s Mi-sun’s first day as a rail attendant. Her assignment is an overnight trip through Korea, and she is understandably nervous. But it’s not the motley group of passengers that has her feeling uneasy, it’s the train itself. Some of the cars on the train were involved in a devastating crash 16 years earlier, in which 100 people died. Now, the train is rumoured to be haunted!

“Red Eye”, which stars Jang Shin-Young, Song Il-Gook, Kwak Ji-Min, and Lee Eol, hits DVD on July 10th, 2012. If you’d like a trailer, one has been included in the space below. And remember: The film is about ghosts on a train, not boring people on a plane. Train, plane. Not boring, boring. Understand? Wonderful! I knew you looked like a smart one.