Tom Arnold Still Claims True Lies 2 is Happening

Let’s face it, if you’re Tom Arnold, then a “True Lies 2” actually coming true is the best thing you can hope for. The comedian/actor hasn’t had what you would consider “choice roles” since the 1994 movie by James Cameron, and there are still plenty of fans clamoring for a sequel to the spy/comedy starring the former California Governor now that he’s given up politics and dived back headfirst into the Hollywood pool, cheating scandal notwithstanding.

Speaking to a bunch of paparazzi outside a restaurant where he just had dinner with the Big Oak (via RumorFix / h/t Moviehole), Arnold once again confirms that “True Lies 2” is happening. What’s more, Bill Paxton, who played a sleazy car dealer in the original, will be directing.

Paxton, a former James Cameron acting regular, has previous directing experience. He directed 2001’s excellent thriller “Frailty”, and was behind the camera again in 2005 for “The Greatest Game Ever Played”.

All of this, according to Arnold, so who knows, really. The last time we heard from him on this, was back in 2009, and he told us then that the movie was happening “within 14” months with James Cameron back behind the camera. That, of course, didn’t happen, either.

In the original “True Lies”, Schwarzenegger plays a spy whose wife and daughter (Jamie Lee Curtis and Eliza Dushku, respectively) had no idea of his real job. That all changes when terrorists try to nuke a city. Tom Arnold played his partner.