Tom Cruise and Kenneth Branagh Tries to Kill Hitler in Bryan Singer’s Valkyrie

That rascal Hitler and his World War II. Don’t you just wish someone could have popped that little weasel and his funky mustache before he really got going in pre-war Germany? Well in the new movie “Valkyrie” (which is so damn hard to spell I have to keep looking the word up, just so you know) someone is gonna give it a shot — literally. Tom Cruise and Kenneth Branagh will be playing real-life mentor and student, as they plot to kill Der Fuhrer. The World War II film will be directed by Bryan Singer (“Superman Returns”) from a script by his “Usual Suspects” bud Christopher McQuarrie. The whole thing is supposedly based on a true story.

Hitler wasn’t always such a bad guy. He liked museums, too. Well, only the ones not run by Jews, that is.