Tom Cruise Can Eat Planets

I don’t know who Miles Fisher is, but holy crap, if Tom Cruise ever needed someone to stand in for him during, say, an assassination or a repeat appearance on Oprah, he should give Fisher a call, because the guy’s impression of Tom Cruise is spot on. Check out this two-minute clip that showed up online as a promo for the movie “Superhero Movie”, the superhero movie spoof from the (signal Imperial March song) Weinsteins. It’s spot on and even beats the Tom Cruise impersonation that Jerry O’Connell did a while back.

Oh, Tom Cruise, when did your fall from grace begin, my friend? Oh right, that whole Brooke Shields debacle. Nevermind.

Miles Fisher’s Tom Cruise from “Superhero Movie” (via):

Jerry O’Connell’s take from a few weeks back: