Tom Cruise Heads for Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion

Tom CruiseOr “Horizons”. Or maybe it’s “Oblivion” again. Whatever they end up calling it, Tom Cruise has officially signed on to star in the expensive sci-fi film for Universal and “Tron: Legacy” director Joseph Kosinski.

Kosinksi will direct the $100 million dollar movie from a script by William Monahan (“The Departed”), with Cruise playing “a soldier who’s stuck alone on the planet, repairing the drones that patrol and destroy a savage alien life form. He encounters a beautiful woman who crashes in a craft, and their experience together forces him to question his world view.”

“Oblivion” has been in development for some time, with Kosinski even publishing a comic book version with Radical Publishing first. Production is set for this October.

Oblivion Comic Book