Tom Cruise Poses as a Russian on the Set of Mission Impossible 4

It’s always interesting when you hear that a movie is starting production, or “close” to starting production, then BOOM, the next day there are pictures from the set of said movie. Such is the case with “Mission Impossible 4”. The last we heard, the film was still casting, and was setting shooting dates in various International locales, and then today there are pictures of star Tom Cruise on the set all dressed up (his character Ethan Hunt in disguise, we assume) on the “Mission Impossible 4” set. Go figure.

Cruise returns as IMF superspy Ethan Hunt in “MI:4”, with Jeremy Renner and Paula Patton joining him. Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg will also return. Brad Bird (“The Incredibles”) is directing for Paramount.

Check out more pictures of Cruise in disguise here (via AICN).