Tom Cruise Will be Menace by Léa Seydoux in Mission Impossible 4

After adding former “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” star Michael Nyqvist as the film’s male heavy, Brad Bird and company have now added “Robin Hood” actress Léa Seydoux as the female villain.

No real details on who Seydoux will be playing, just that it will be the lead female villain, though she seems mighty young (the gal is barely 25) to be trying to kill Ethan Hunt and company. Then again, she is French, so there’s that.

“Mission Impossible 4”, to be directed by Brad Bird, returns Tom Cruise as super IMF agent Ethan Hunt. He will be joined by Jeremy Renner as his new partner, as well as Paula Patton as a junior agent. Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg are also expected back as returning IMF agents.

In case you missed it, some set pics of Cruise on “Mission Impossible 4” surfaced here.